Lawn Mowing

At La Crosse Lawn and Snow we use a mowing height that has proven to be the best for your yard.  Normally we use a cutting height of 3.25 inches.  We are willing to adjust by 1/2 inch increments from the normal cutting height if requested to by the client.  


Spring Clean-up

Leaf Removal


Power Raking

Core Aeration


Snow Removal

For Snow removal we have a minimum of 5 persons removing snow via 3 plow trucks, multiple blowers and shovels.  Snow removal where city boulevards are present is controlled by city statutes.  If an inch falls the land owner is required to remove the snow within 24 hours or be subject to removal by city crews at rates determined by feet of sidewalk. So, La Crosse Lawn and Snow begins removing snow when the storm drops an inch or more.  

Generally residential customers will not see us until the storm has stopped.  Commercial customers will see us throughout the day if we are cleaning parking areas.

We do have some customers that are on what we call the short list.  These customers have requested we remove snowfall whenever the sidewalks have snow on them.  

Salting is done only upon request.

Invoicing and Payment Options

Bills go out on or about the first of the month for services rendered in the previous month.  IE.  Services performed in June are billed July 1st.  Bills can be sent via USPS or by email, whichever the client prefers.

Fees for lawn mowing and snow removal are determined prior to performing the first service.  Snow removal fees are also determined before the first service but the base fee increases once snowfall meets or exceeds 6 inches.  

Payment is accepted via, cash, check, credit card or PayPal.

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